blue days, blue daze

Music credit : Indigo One (Solo) by Ottmar LiebertFrom the album Fete(Used with artist’s permission) Copyright © 2022 Lisana.Blog All Rights Reserved

art imitating life

While walking around the city, I happened to seethese fish swimming upstream Swimming above the trash we’d thrown into their home Copyright © 2022 Lisana.Blog All Rights Reserved

colour field art

colour, side-by-side anticipating being discovered waiting for their beauty to be seen by another. but then again, aren’t we all? Copyright © 2022 Lisana.Blog All Rights Reserved

afternoon breeze

heat vibrates off the rooftops, the  river; it shimmers on my skin we hide                 inside this old house reading,                eating the only thing there is – Knorr pasta sauce from a packet but on perfectly cooked pasta then              a late afternoon breeze pays a visit riding a horse of buttery sunshine we…


sun,            light filtering through Copyright © 2022Lisana.BlogAll Rights Reserved


Some time ago, I decided to paint the shower-curtains for two bathrooms in my house. I did a blog post (decisions, decisions) asking for readers’ votes on which designs they preferred. This design was the one most people liked. For this project, I used two kinds of paint: acrylic and flashe. Flashe paint is new…

slow dance

in a riverbank ballroom yellow-green leaves slow dance swooping and swaying to early evening breezes Copyright © 2022Lisana.BlogAll Rights Reserved


Recently, one Japanese phrase has caught on in the west.  Wabi-sabi.  I hear it everywhere.  Books, articles, blogs (yes, the irony has not escaped me) Netflix shows.  And When I hear it, I think, Ugh! Not again. But either that expression has a ring that pleases our western ears, or our language lacks a way…

decisions, decisions

A few months ago, I moved into a new house.  The house is cool and airy, with a good vibe.  It has three bathrooms. Two are not really used, though.  One has really great light – with a north facing window.  The other has NO natural light coming in – no windows.  Both are white…